Weather and Safety:

Weather & Altitude:

San Andrés de Pisimbalá is at an altitude of about 1970 meters with El Aguacate being about 300 meters higher. That puts it above the heat and the worst of the insects. That said, some repellent often comes in handy after dusk. Daytime temperatures are always comfortable but a light jacket or sweater can be needed in the evening and early morning. Although it can rain on any given day it rarely lasts long enough to spoil plans. It is however best to be safe and carry a rain poncho while exploring the area.


The Tierradentro area never had much guerrilla activity to begin with and there has been none at all in the last five years or so. Locals say it's because the area produces so much food there's no hunger in the area and without hunger the guerrillas can't gain a foothold. And unusual in Latin America, petty theft and robbery are virtually non existent in the village.